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laser therapy tx back pain
Back pain
Britsh 3 day event team with Anna
British 3 day event team
laser therapy tx tendinitis


Laser Therapy for horses
I use Laser on wounds, tendon injuries and back problems in conjunction with manual techniques. I use it in the very acute situations immediately, once bleeding has stopped, on any knocks or cuts. Very useful at a 3 day event. In chronic conditions on horses I use manual techniques followed by laser to get best results. Laser has an advantage over ultrasound where gaining contact is difficult (ie on animals where clipping the hair is inappropriate). As a busy mobile physio mainly treating animals in + "non- clinic" situation I find the compact battery run THOR DD laser is the easiest form of electrotherapy to apply.
Anna Johnson M.C.S.P., S.R.P., Grad Dip. Phys.
ACPAT member
British 3 day event team physio

laser therapy - trigger points

Trigger points

laser therapy - proud flesh

Proud flesh

laser therapy - friction burn

Friction burn

laser therapy Acupuncture


laser therapy tx wound 1

Day 1

laser therapy tx wound 15

Day 15

laser therapy tx wound 28

Day 28
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