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Helping Hands for Crying Babies

Wind, stomach pain, constant crying and babies who just don't sleep can take the fun out of being a new parent. Poppy was a very unsettled 2 month old who seemed colicy, drawing her knees up, arching her back and crying inconsolably. Her exhausted mother was recommended to Karen Carroll, an Amersham osteopath, by her NCT group.

"Karen asked a lot of questions about Poppy's birth - Poppy was ventouse and had a bruised, funny-shaped head for a few days," says Poppy's mum, Sophie. "We didn't think anything of it until Karen told us that her birth might be still affecting her. After the first treatment she slept for ages and was a lot better. I now take her just for check-ups, particularly when teething."

"She's so much more settled after a treatment. Karen says birth can be stressful, especially on the soft, mobile bones of the skull."

Many babies suffer from wind, stomach pain or sleep problems due to being tightly-packed in the womb or from the birth itself. Releasing tensions in the baby's head and body often eases discomfort that might be put down to colic or fretfulness.

"I often see children whose glue ear, recurrent chest infections or behavioural problems are affected by their unresolved birth strains." Karen also recomends mum's to come for a post-natal check-up as birth often affects pelvic alignment. "New mum's cope better if their back doesn't hurt," she says.

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