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Low Level Laser Therapy
Clinical Practice and Scientific Background
Jan Tunér and Lars Hode
Prima Books
I find myself frequently referring to this book.
An enthusiastic book in tones that will not impress the hard nosed cynical scientist, however if you have already witnessed the effects of LLLT then this will provide you armfuls of easily digestible additional information to feed your open (if not enthusiastic) mind on the subject.
Jan Tunér is a dentist in private practice, working with LLLT since 1986. Lars Hode is a physicist, specialising in laser applications in the military and medical fields.
"This is the book you have been waiting for! Here is something for everybody interested in Laser Therapy. The text is a blend of easy-to-understand language and scientific documentation. The "tall tales" about LLLT are mercilessly scrutinized and the facts are revealed. Every indication presented is supported by mini-abstracts from the literature. 750 scientific references may seem a bit deterring for the average clinician, but don't worry! The most difficult parts are put into an appendix, ready for you when you are ready for it. The book will not only make you more knowledgeable about the possibilities of Laser Therapy, it will also be a mighty weapon in your hands against those who may question Laser Therapy in general. Unless they read it, too, they should close their case.
This is their 4th book on Laser Therapy. In specially invited contributions you can read the following:
- An abstract of the dissertation of dr. Shelly M. Khullar at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Oslo, Norway, 1997, titled "Reinnervation after nerve injury: the effects of low level laser treatment".
- Low Level Laser Therapy of inner ear diseases, by dr. Lutz Wilden, Germany. This innovative therapy brings new hope for patients suffering from tinnitus and new opportunities for therapists.
- A brief information about laser acupuncture by dr. Talat Qadri, Sweden
- A report on the effects of LLLT on spinal cord injuries by professor Semion Rochkind.
The price is USD 89 plus postage."

Therapeutic Lasers Theory and Practice
G.David Baxter
Published by Churchill Livingstone
ISBN No. 0-443-04393-0
David Baxter is (or was) a research physiotherapist (MCSP) and now Professor at the Rehabilitation Sciences Research Group/Research Graduate School, Faculty of Social & Health Sciences & Education, University of Ulster, Northern Ireland.
This is a review of laser therapy as it was in 1993.
All the advantages and shortcomings dispassionately and objectively considered with references to over 1000 published papers.
In contrast to Jan Tunér and Lars Hode's book (reviewed above) this is written this will not offend the mind the "hard nosed cynical scientist", however it is not going to cause a religious conversion either !
As the book reveals, good research (the kind required by the hard nosed cynical scientist) is in short supply and the results not always positive.
Each chapter usefully summarised

A bit heavy-going in places
This is what Churchill Livingstone say on the back :
Therapeutic Lasers presents an introduction to the use of the laser as an instrument for clinical treatment and will be of value to both clinicians and students. The text outlines the biophysical principles of the actions of lasers and this theory is related to their therapeutic

Key features:
Theory, research and treatment are combined in one volume.

Guidelines on good practice are given to help ensure the safe use of lasers in treatment

Methods of dosage calculation are explained

Strategies for treatment planning are described

The latest clinical research is discussed and referenced
The laser has become an accepted therapeutic tool in a variety of clinical areas. Any clinician wanting to include the use of the laser as part of clinical practice will find that Therapeutic Lasers provides the essential information required.

Good value for money at only 22.50 UK pounds plus P&P

Therapeutic Lasers Theory and Practice. G.David Baxter ISBN No. 0-443-04393-0

ISBN: 90-5699-108-6
The book is advertised as being edited by Tina Karu, an esteemed researcher in LLLT.

It's heavy stuff, beyond me, I am unable to offer much of an opinion, as I'm not sure I am qualified to comment.

This one is for the Molecular Biologist / physicist
This is the text from the web page promoting it :
Edited by Tina Karu, Head of Laboratory of Laser Biology and Medicine, Laser Technology Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Troitzk, Russia

Low-power laser therapy is a phototherapeutical modality promoted during the last two decades as an effective tool for the treatment of soft tissue injuries, pain, arthritis, and some other conditions. It is gaining widespread international acceptance by clinical professionals, but a certain disparity has arisen between the active work of physicians and the slow progress of laboratory studies ranging from the underlying molecular processes to the relevant photobiology. The book fills this gap and is intended for researchers who need a quick source of reference in laser light-tissue interactions, to physicians working in the field of low-power laser therapy, to graduates preparing to enter professions of laser medicine or photobiology.

Contents: Basics of Interaction of Monochromic Visible and Near IR Radiation with Cells , Instrumentation and Experimental Design of Irradiation Procedure , Primary and Secondary Mechanisms of Interaction of Monochromatic Visible and Near IR Radiation with Cells , Controversies and Limitations of Low Power Laser Effects on Cellular Level , Responses of Neurons and Lymphocytes to Direct Irradiation , Effects of Visible and Near IR Radiation on Cultured Cells , Activation of Metabolism of Non-Photosynthesising Micro-organisms , What One Can Learn from Experiments on a Cellular Level

Readership: Working and research professionals, biochemists, physicians, graduate students entering laser medicine.

July, 1998 / 320 pp / Cloth / 90-5699-108-6

EUR 75 / GBP £59 / USD $90

All prices are tentative and subject to change.
Laser Acupuncture:

An Introductory Text for Treatment of Pain, Paralysis, Spasticity, & Other Disorders

Naeser, Margaret A. US$44.95



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