Rules of Professional Conduct: expanding the explanatory notes
The CSP's Council has endorsed further expansion of the explanatory notes of the Rules of Professional Conduct, following recommendations made by the Ethical and Regulatory
Issues Committee. Members should add these additions to their current booklet .
Rule 1
Continuing Professional Development / Life Long Learning

The development of a strategy for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)/Life Long Learning (LLL) for both physiotherapists and assistants sets out the range and breadth of ways in which individuals can undertake CPD/LLL. This can be achieved by undertaking a variety of learning activities.

Both the profession and the health and social care area in which physiotherapy is practised is changing rapidly and it is likely that this will continue for the foreseeable future. Members must therefore continue to update knowledge and skills. Remaining at the standard achieved at qualification is not acceptable. A programme of CPD will address this requirement. The following two paragraphs are taken from the CSP's policy statement on the CSP's approach to CPD for its qualified members.
'The approach acknowledges the value of formal learning activities, such as attendance on clinical courses and study for additional qualifications. It also encourages the use of innovative learning strategies, including those afforded within the workplace and through collaboration with other professions. It recognises that day-to-day reflection on practice and self and peer review, together with a commitment to providing clinically effective services, are central to the development of individual practitioners, the enhancement of patient care, and the continued growth of the profession.
The Society believes that CPD activities should be planned in accordance with a thorough and ongoing evaluation of individuals' development needs, and should reflect the diverse areas and ways in which chartered physiotherapists can valuably extend their knowledge, understanding and skills. Employed physiotherapists should be supported by their employers in identifying, meeting and evaluating the fulfillment of their CPD needs, and in recording their CPD achievements.'
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