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This is a practical hands-on laser therapy course. The theory is concise and directly relevant to musculoskeletal laser therapy treatments.

The course includes:

What is laser therapy,

How does it work,

Understanding laser technical phrases, calculating dosimetry


Treatment protocols

Hands on demonstration and participation in the treatment of a variety of conditions including acute and chronic backs, necks, sports injuries, chronic pain, post op rehabilitation

You will practice various techniques with a laser probe including gapping joints, treating on stretch, in flexion etc

This is a one day (6 hour) course designed to enable practitioners to use their lasers more effectively for a wider range of conditions.

Non-users will also find it very useful for finding out how Laser Therapy works and its many applications.

UK only : Particular attention will also be paid to laser safety, the requirements of the HSE/Doh guidelines, "licensing" and Laser Protection Advisors.

A certificate is available for attendance.

"It is a brilliant course, well presented, with extensive course notes including all technical symbols and formulas written down presented in an idiot proof fashion, declaring its relevance (or lack of) to the daily job of fixing people. Lots of great manual techniques in the practical section . Well worth the time and the money"

Prices usually GB Pounds 65 per participant

Contact : Sandy at the Laser Exchange and ask for a list of course dates or how to arrange for this laser course to be held in your area.


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